How to Configure Putty connection mgr to GNS3

  1. Download Putty connection mgr.(
  2. Install Putty connection mgr. on your PC
  3. Chnage GNS path pointing to putty mgr (put start c:\puttycm.exe)
  4. Start GNS and Drag some routers. By default they start console port with 2001 for R1, 2002 for R2, etc.
  5. Start 1 router and click on console to start console window.
  6. Putty Conn. Mgr should start instead of regular putty,
  7. In Pyttu Mgr. Open new connection, name it.
  8. You should see Connection window with SSH and telnet.
  9. You have to make new connection under Telnet in that window.
  10. In Name filed type R0 for gns router R0; Host is; Port is 2001 (this port matches router on gns; old gns version had router 0 so ports were off by one)
  11. You add new connections to match your routers, Save your database !
  12. Double clicking on R0 under telnet will open console window of R0.

you can also copy and paste router  connection in Connection Manager window (if you don't see it go to View on Menu)

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